Marine inspired Flag Book

The highlight of the week for me was four hours making a flag book. The attic studio is a normal Irish temperature after a strange hot Summer. The sea is often is a strong inspiration in anything I make. After pouring over notebooks on different binding techniques and my head is buzzing with all the possibilities. The most satisfying moments are often sitting in the quiet making something. While admin is essential this book is tangible, a visible object and gives great satisfaction.

Marine inspired Flag Book

Not sure how much I want to talk about the nitty-gritty of business. We are making a living out of our skills, passions and sensibilities. I think it is a cliché that artists are unworldly, impractical beings, who should not be expected to engage with business. The reality is, you either make money from your art practice or you have to spend your days just making money instead. Perhaps the occasional post about the practical aspects of running a creative business will appear.

flag book 3

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